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Die Last

“Any CCTV of the driver?” Whitestone asked.

“I’m still looking, Ma’am,” Billy said.

“So we’re assuming the owner of the thirteenth passport wasn’t driving?” I said.

“It’s unlikely,” Whitestone said. “Because the owner of the thirteenth passport is a woman and the drivers who smuggle in illegals are all men. At least, that’s how it has been until now. It’s not an equal opportunities profession. Find the thirteenth woman and then you find the driver. Find the driver and you find the scumbags who run the whole stinking operation.”

“Why did the driver do a runner?” Edie said.

“Perhaps he looked in the back realized the women were dying or already dead and panicked,” I said. “Perhaps he didn’t get paid. Perhaps there was nobody there to meet him.”

“But why was it below freezing in the back?” Edie said. “He smuggled a lorry load of girls into the country and then froze them to death. It makes no sense.”